PASEC a youth non-governmental platform that has main goals: Promoting Socio-cultural Education, youth protagonism and Participatory Democracy; the creation of informal groups of children, adolescents and youth, focusing on disadvantaged social contexts; the promotion of local development processes in disadvantaged communities; Promote the study , research and dissemination of Socio-cultural Educational.

The PASEC has a network of hundreds of young educators, animators and teachers scattered by all Portugal. Has a technical-pedagogical team with 23 youth workers and over 1300 members between 14 and 35 years.

Has 21 centers spread across 7 districts of Portugal , which manage more than 20 projects of sociocultural and social intervention such us: Social interventions in neighborhoods with ethnic minorities and young people in extreme exclusion; Projects to support disadvantaged communities in the area of Education for Democracy; Social research projects along the leading universities in the areas of Sociocultural Animation; we specialize in intervention with young people with disabilities; Non-Formal Education and Social Education; International exchanges; among others.


The ASOCIACION GRUPO SCOUT 217 MATTERHORN, is a children' s, youth and adult association, nonprofit, regional character, which is part of the Federation of Younger in Madrid.

The ASOCIACION GRUPO SCOUT 217 MATTERHORN works in the field of education in Leisure, through projects and social programs seeking improvements in the quality of life of children, young and adult people with our partners. At the same team we work inclusion processes with people with fewer opportunities through street and nature sports.


REVENTUS, from Kaunas, has been operating since year 1997 and working with young and adult people, with events of national and international activities.

The main areas of the organization' s activities - sports and active youth participation. Young people are involved in our organization in international collaborative projects, exchanges, trainings. We help them preparing and organizing international sports events.

We also organize and implement projects against Youth Employment and about Intercultural Education through Sport programs. We organize seminars, conferences, presentations and other activities. Our members and the surrounding community have complied a lot with the local Initiatives.

Our organization promotes activities using non-formal education methods, sports as a way of inclusion and other educational tools.


Totem manages educational and animation projects. Totem implements projects for the prevention of youth problems, promotion of experiences of self-management and autonomy of the youth, cultural and social events, training activities and projects for active citizenship, upon site experiences. We help informal groups creating their one association and we work with other groups of the population with the method of animation and social empowerment. The part of European projects we also organizes seminars and training courses, cultural exchanges and study visits with the help of European programs.

We have a team of facilitators and educators coordinated and supervised by trainers and psychologists with experience in order to be always present, alert and active to build significant relationships with the groups we work with.

In sports we work with nature sports as a way to include youngsters with fewer opportunities. This is also a strategy to promote the participation and leadership between youngsters, For their development and the expression of their individuality the part of the group.

Kaisery Youth and Sports Center

We aim to create a youth in the world who are happy with their life and who respects others and are respected by others and most importantly to create a youth who can easily communicate with people from other cultures and societies and can be the understanding the possible to others (from different race, religion, cultures etc.)

Through cooperation with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, we aim to help young people to be mentally and physically healthy adults.


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