Geo aims to be a European network of innovative inclusive sport solutions to combat the phenomena of extreme social exclusion through an integrated response with European reach under the action of nature sports, adapted sports and dynamic sports community, smart social responses inclusion and social integration for communities with populations at risk of extreme poverty, disabled people and sections of the population victims of unemployment or racial phenomena.

On the other hand, it aims to promote leadership training through the Geo Methodology, centered on the principle of a “Master and Apprentice,” but on a Community dimension.

We start from the inclusive principle of “No one is less”, which takes the practice of collective sports (from nature sports, adapted sports and dynamic community sports) as a response against poverty, against exclusion of people with disabilities, and against the lack of opportunities for quality sports practice due to unemployment or a difficult sociocultural situation/background. “No one is less” because we believe in sports from a community dynamic involving populations that allows their participation and direct involvement in sports, which allows the construction of bridges and moments of interaction between different fringes and agents community, while contributing to their social and local development. On the other hand, some of the main objectives will be to promote gender equality through sports.


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