Geo Arena Network puts the Spaces Geo Arena and community sport spaces networking, shaping the local interventions of the Geo Project. Geo Arena Network is available to each Geo Arena Space with a set of intelligent solutions that will enable community sports agents and their action plans. The managing of the Geo Arena network is done by a Pedagogical Technician Team which we call Geo Forum, which integrates a multidisciplinary technical team with national and european coordinators, specialized sports technicians and engineers at a later stage, alongside representatives of the communities involved that are directly involved in the project.

Incorporated into the Geo Arena Network there is a Community Sports Facilitators Scholarship (coaches and sports technicians with appropriate training), the "Geo Trainers Pool" - which functions as a network of community sports facilitators, all of whom are accredited sports technicians, who guide the training sessions of the various sports of the various sections of Geo Arena Spaces, will give initial training to new community sports leaders within the community (in order to make sports practice an autonomous affair and allow for the involvement of new risk groups in sports) and develop an integrated sports training solution with less costs to the project.

Also within the Geo Arena Network we have "Geo Sports In Europe" which incorporates Inclusive Sports Solutions Maps in each country. This way we have a European Scholarship for inclusion solutions through sport. Still within the Network, based on the survey conducted by the Geo Arena Spaces (through the Sports for All section), the Geo Forum will design and carry out the "Geo Space Restore" Plan, which will recover and reuse pre-existing spaces to practice sports in the communities, using the involvement of local authorities and agents (without burdening the Geo budget). In this plan, local natural space enhancement measure that allow the practice of nature sports are also planned.


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