Geo Arena Spaces, which are community sports clubs that work (inside a network) as a resource center for the access of the community to sports that we provide, as well as the specialized human resources and materials for the practice of sports. Each Geo Space Arena has a management team composed of members of the community, sports technicians and technical partners that have the responsibility to design and lead a  Community sports practice plan. This plan is part of the main vision of Geo, designing plans of inclusion through individual solution but integrated into collective solutions. All Geo Arena Spaces are linked in a Network on a national and European level. 

Each Geo Arena Space has at least three sections:

- Nature Sports -  We make use of the new nature sports- Geocashing, Hiking and Canopy - accessible to all groups and ages.

- Adapted Sports - We use Boccia - specific section for disabled citizens but who will involve other members of the community to empower community cohesion. 

- Sports for All - A specific section, with its own team, which essentially serves to involve local actors in streamlining processes and the management of the sports community. They are responsible for organizing community sporting events, raising awareness campaigns to attract more groups and people to the alternative sports we want to implement. These events can be in the form of non-profit sports competitions in the community, in the form of community forums for discussion of sport in life, among others. This section may generate and create new sections with other sports that the locals feel like they can be an asset to the community.



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