Success Stories

Geo Camp Seminar closes Geo project with hundreds of participants

Geo Camp Final seminar of the project has gathered in Portugal dozens of participants from all partners. There were dozens of community sports events highlighting the Geo Games of Difference, where we involved disabled participants, adults and young people.
It was a moment of important reflection where the Geo Tool Kit was also revealed, a sports manual for sports animators that reattaches the types of sports developed in Geo.
Although finished the project gave rise to PASEC Geo that will continue the same.

In all activities Geo Camp has gathered in Portugal more than 300 participants.

In Portugal, 60 persons already practice bocia autonomously in other clubs after having integrated the Geo.

Boccia has already involved more than 200 participants in the last six months of the project with tournaments promoted by Geo Arenas. Only in Portugal last week were hundreds of young people and adults with special needs who got involved in these dynamics. The more autonomous young people helped the more limited. There were also many dozens of adults with disabilities involved.
More than 60, in Portugal, already practice this sport autonomously in other clubs after having integrated the Geo.

In Italy Geo Youth has created new pedestrian paths that allow any citizen to enjoy the surrounding nature.

In Italy in recent months more than 150 young people and adults have been involved. Most of them come from poorer neighborhoods where there are no sports clubs or sports-related organizations that allow them to practice sports. We also had more than 50 children under the age of 16, from migrant communities (including Muslims), who do not engage in any kind of sports activity, some of which are outside the Education System, some are victims of stigmatization, some are involved in phenomena of marginality and others present problems related to their religious situation
Nature sports were the main focus of the work done. We create new walking circuits in new areas.
The project also reached Cunardo and Como. In Cunardo we have created new pedestrian paths that allow any citizen to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Intercultural Games Fair reaches 850 participants

Parte dos Participantes da Feira de Jogos Intercultural

PASEC organized once again the Intercultural Games Fair. Before more than two hundred children and youths in the Devesa Park in Famalicão, this year’s event had as its theme “Around the Geography of Emotions”. The experience went on to recall key moments in the history of countries such as Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy related to their revolutions through gigantic games.

Supported by the Geo Project, supported by the European Union’s Erasmus + Program, this year’s Games Fair had an international character with simultaneous organization in Italy, Spain and Turkey, reaching an additional 850 people. During the opening of the Fair, the Director of the Erasmus + Program, Dr. Pedro Soares, made a point of remembering that PASEC and the Geo Project were able to create innovative and inclusive responses that give answers to hundreds of young people.

PASEC’s President, Susana Paiva, then welcomed everyone present. Next, the City Councilor for Youth in the Municipality of Famalicão, Dr. Sofia Fernandes, reminded PASEC as a hub for social innovation, which is currently working on a national and international scale, recalling the support of the Municipality of Famalicão for PASEC initiatives. In turn, Dr. Vítor Dias, Director of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, congratulated PASEC for his 15 years and affirmed PASEC as an example to replicate. In an emotional speech, he recalled PASEC as “home of emotions and humanity”, focusing on these as the example the world needs today.

The games themselves were followed. The fair had 7 posts and 7 teams in competition. The games were designed by the participants themselves in the weeks leading up to the event, with an action-research process that involved the whole community.

Geo Camp Seminar reaches hundreds of participants

PASEC organized once again the Geo Camp, this time in its 2017 version, involving 118 participants from Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and Italy. Geo Camp included a series of international seminars between Portugal and Spain with special relevance to Spanish ground activities. Activities passed through Famalicão, Foz Côa, Torres de Moncorvo, Cangas de Onis, Cain and Madrid (these last three locations in Spain).

From the “Master and Apprentice” and “Group Symbology” methods, the integrative theme of Geo Camp 2017 was on Nature Sport and the new inclusion models through Sport, using the best European examples. The starting point was through dynamics based on trekking, tree climbing and geocashing and its benefits.

Geo Camp, one of the main activities organized by PASEC, is part of the Geo project, supported by the European Union through the Erasmus + Program.

Geo seeks, among others, instead of traditional collective sports such as football or basketball, to give a differentiated response to the individual placing it at the center of the group decision process through the use of new nature sports (unknown to the general public ), through the use of adapted sports solutions focused on the autonomy of the individual and through events and dynamics of sports practice directly linked to the life of the community.

The project gave rise to PASEC Geo, which together with the work developed with its partners, is recognized as a European network of innovative solutions for inclusive sport to combat the phenomena of extreme social exclusion through an integrated European-wide response found in sport of nature, adapted sport and community sport dynamics, intelligent social responses of inclusion and social integration for communities with populations at risk of extreme poverty, people with disabilities and population fringe victims of unemployment or racial phenomena.

Geo Camp intended to be an event of European reach, with wide dissemination focused on reflection, sharing of good practices and good examples of sports practice. Involving European policy-makers and experts in recreational sports and nature sports.

Adventure Sports reach hundreds in Italy, Portugal, Lithuania and Spain

In Portugal, Italy, Lithuania and Spain the GeoArena Spaces have focused their actions on dozens of nature sports actions between February and July 2017. There are more than 800 young people, adults and seniors who could expreço Geocashing, tree sports And Hiking. At the same time this strategy has been a form of inclusion of the communities themselves. These experiences will give rise to a book. Here are the images of the various experiences in the various countries. At the same time several collective sports also began to take place in order to reach more population.

Nature sports with young people with special needs and their families


In Turkey, community sports activities have been dedicated to  . The game, competitions with nature sports, group sports and above all sports as a way of inclusion have been the center of the main actions of the project. Hundreds of participants have been involved since January 2017.

Results of the 2016 Intercultural Games Fair of Geo Project

Parte dos participantes na Feira de Jogos Intercultural

It was before more than 250 participants that PASEC, in partnership with the Camilo Castelo Branco Schools Group, the Municipality of Famalicão, the Erasmus + Program of the European Union, the IPDJ and is international partners, that was organized the 2016 Intercultural Games Fair as the background “Europe of New Faces – Between the Sun and the Shadow …”.

This year’s Fair, which included 11 screenplays, divided into 5 days, which were in 10 different locations with over 1100 participants, counted the following giant games and actions: the game “Mikado Euroregions”; The game “Tower of Babel”; The game “Magic Glasses”; The game “Mythic Labyrinth”; The game “Intercultural Triathlon”; The workshop on Animal Therapy and Playful Symbology dedicated to young people with special needs; The game “Gondolas”, the dynamic sports animation “Tower of the Crazy”, and the spectacles of corporal and dramatic expression “Between the Sun and Shadow” and “Pride in Being Gypsy”.

The Fair was integrated in the Geo Project, in partnership with Italy, Spain, Turkey and Lithuania.

GeoCamp 2016 puts Geo on the Map

Participantes no Geo 2016

The GeoCamp 2016 organized by PASEC, involved throughout the month of August over a hundred participants from five countries with special emphasis on the seminar which took place in Italy. The central theme was anchored in promoting the active participation of citizens through the Local Development, Inclusive Sport and the promotion and exchange of good practice in the areas of Participatory Democracy, Leadership Training and Social Inclusion.

Among the findings it stood out that this is a time when European citizens must be even more united and available for dialogue, particularly in trying to find points of convergence in European policies for social inclusion and training to promote the role of citizens and not only charitable dimension and harm reduction. To this conclusion mainly served the current situation of European social crisis, particularly after the coup in Turkey and the outcome of the British referendum will result in the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union.

The GeoCamps are events of European-wide, with broad dissemination, focused on reflection, sharing of best practices and good examples of sports. In addition to this framework the GeoCamp 2016 aimed to promote a wide discussion and dissemination of Adapted Sports (notably Boccia) and Nature Sports (including Hiking, Canopy and Geocaching) as privileged inclusion methods through sport and  new ways to engage risk communities. It was a network of work, in which the results will be sharing target and spread through a Pedagogical Kit.

Were involved partners from Turkey, Italy, Lithuania and Spain. After Italy, the activities extended its actions in all partner countries, particularly in Portugal with actions focused on Leadership Training. The GeoCamp 2016 is supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.

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