Intercultural Games Fair reaches 850 participants

Parte dos Participantes da Feira de Jogos Intercultural

PASEC organized once again the Intercultural Games Fair. Before more than two hundred children and youths in the Devesa Park in Famalicão, this year’s event had as its theme “Around the Geography of Emotions”. The experience went on to recall key moments in the history of countries such as Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy related to their revolutions through gigantic games.

Supported by the Geo Project, supported by the European Union’s Erasmus + Program, this year’s Games Fair had an international character with simultaneous organization in Italy, Spain and Turkey, reaching an additional 850 people. During the opening of the Fair, the Director of the Erasmus + Program, Dr. Pedro Soares, made a point of remembering that PASEC and the Geo Project were able to create innovative and inclusive responses that give answers to hundreds of young people.

PASEC’s President, Susana Paiva, then welcomed everyone present. Next, the City Councilor for Youth in the Municipality of Famalicão, Dr. Sofia Fernandes, reminded PASEC as a hub for social innovation, which is currently working on a national and international scale, recalling the support of the Municipality of Famalicão for PASEC initiatives. In turn, Dr. Vítor Dias, Director of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, congratulated PASEC for his 15 years and affirmed PASEC as an example to replicate. In an emotional speech, he recalled PASEC as “home of emotions and humanity”, focusing on these as the example the world needs today.

The games themselves were followed. The fair had 7 posts and 7 teams in competition. The games were designed by the participants themselves in the weeks leading up to the event, with an action-research process that involved the whole community.

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