Geo Camp Seminar reaches hundreds of participants

PASEC organized once again the Geo Camp, this time in its 2017 version, involving 118 participants from Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and Italy. Geo Camp included a series of international seminars between Portugal and Spain with special relevance to Spanish ground activities. Activities passed through Famalicão, Foz Côa, Torres de Moncorvo, Cangas de Onis, Cain and Madrid (these last three locations in Spain).

From the “Master and Apprentice” and “Group Symbology” methods, the integrative theme of Geo Camp 2017 was on Nature Sport and the new inclusion models through Sport, using the best European examples. The starting point was through dynamics based on trekking, tree climbing and geocashing and its benefits.

Geo Camp, one of the main activities organized by PASEC, is part of the Geo project, supported by the European Union through the Erasmus + Program.

Geo seeks, among others, instead of traditional collective sports such as football or basketball, to give a differentiated response to the individual placing it at the center of the group decision process through the use of new nature sports (unknown to the general public ), through the use of adapted sports solutions focused on the autonomy of the individual and through events and dynamics of sports practice directly linked to the life of the community.

The project gave rise to PASEC Geo, which together with the work developed with its partners, is recognized as a European network of innovative solutions for inclusive sport to combat the phenomena of extreme social exclusion through an integrated European-wide response found in sport of nature, adapted sport and community sport dynamics, intelligent social responses of inclusion and social integration for communities with populations at risk of extreme poverty, people with disabilities and population fringe victims of unemployment or racial phenomena.

Geo Camp intended to be an event of European reach, with wide dissemination focused on reflection, sharing of good practices and good examples of sports practice. Involving European policy-makers and experts in recreational sports and nature sports.

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