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Geo aims to be a European network of innovative solutions inclusive sport

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Geo Camp Seminar closes Geo project with hundreds of participants

Geo Camp Final seminar of the project has gathered in Portugal dozens of participants from all partners. There were dozens of community sport

Project initiatives in Asturias and Cangas de Onis

In Spain, community sports have been Geo's strongest point in recent months. We involve more than 20 young people with disabilities, with l

In Portugal, 60 persons already practice bocia autonomously in other clubs after having integrated the Geo.

Boccia has already involved more than 200 participants in the last six months of the project with tournaments promoted by Geo Arenas. Only i

In Italy Geo Youth has created new pedestrian paths that allow any citizen to enjoy the surrounding nature.

In Italy in recent months more than 150 young people and adults have been involved. Most of them come from poorer neighborhoods where there

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